Why are there so many cups of coffee?

As the world is consumed by the Ebola crisis, coffee is also a key source of energy and comfort.

But according to a recent survey conducted by the International Coffee Association, the number of cups consumed in the world has gone down by around 30% since last year.

Coffee, as the world’s most popular beverage, has also been under pressure from rising temperatures and more frequent droughts.

In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), coffee consumption has dropped by over 20% from last year, which is a drop of up to 1.3 billion cups per year.

However, the cup may be increasing thanks to the new generation of coffee producers, which are now able to produce a much higher volume of beans.

A number of new coffee companies have opened up to offer coffees in a variety of flavours, colours, and sizes. 

The trend for new coffee businesses, especially those which cater to a more affluent demographic, is a clear sign of the times.

However as many as 10% of the world population still does not drink coffee.

The world’s population will likely continue to grow, and coffee consumption will only continue to rise, according the survey.

As for why so many coffees are being sold, the trend towards cheap coffee could be linked to the increasing availability of cheap disposable goods such as clothes, smartphones, and other personal goods. 

Coffee is now becoming an important part of many peoples lives, and it’s a trend that is sure to continue.