How to buy an eye doctor’s eye in Mexico

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, who happens to be a doctor, sent me an email saying he’s been seeing Dr. Hernán García.

He said that he has been seeing him for two years.

He asked that I not publish his name because he wants to remain anonymous.

I told him I have not seen him in a while.

He told me that he had been seeing me for a few months now and said he felt that I was “a bit over-eager” and that he was not looking for a doctor who would be “honest and trustworthy.”

When I told my friend that I thought it was the best advice I could give him, he replied that he should not “trust him.”

He told the friend that he did not believe in a doctor that would lie and deceive him.

I asked him what I could do to avoid such a doctor.

“I would tell him that I am not a doctor,” he replied.

He advised me to ask about my options.

He then explained to me that the reason that I do not trust a doctor is because of his past.

He has lied to me, said he was afraid that I would get a job with a drug company and asked for my personal information to be hidden from me.

In his emails, García has said that if I want to have a private appointment with him, I must go through a different doctor.

In the past, Garcia has referred to his doctors as “drug lords.”

I am also aware of his many cases where he has said he has seen my eyes.

I was surprised to see a comment by García on my Facebook post, which reads, “I don’t like the way you look at me.

I’m sorry if you feel the same way.”

García is not the only doctor who has used his status as a doctor to prey on women in Mexico.

In 2015, Garcías case was featured on the cover of the local El Tiempo newspaper, which described him as a “mafia doctor.”

In 2015 alone, GarcÍas was responsible for the deaths of 16 women in his clinics.

His case is a perfect example of why men who believe in an idealized medical profession have no qualms about using their status to abuse and sexually assault women.

The fact that García and others are using their medical degrees to exploit women, and then lying about it, shows how vulnerable they are in a world that values a doctor’s medical credentials.