What you need to know about ganode, the new sci-fi TV show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Laura Linney review

GANODERMA LUCIFERUM: THE NEW SPACEPOLL: The new sci fi TV show stars Benedict Cumberbbeth and Laura Linsley, and will air on Syfy.

The show stars the latest addition to the long-running sci fi genre, which has gained a renewed reputation as one of the best sci fi shows on television, and has also been nominated for numerous awards and Emmys.

In this first look at the new show, you’ll get a sense of the show’s style and tone and also get a taste of the world of ganoderm, as well as some fun and unexpected facts and trivia.

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The show is set in the near future, and focuses on a group of characters who live in a space station called the Nanodegree.

The station is home to several different species of alien life, including the ganodes, which are also called ganobees.

The series will be executive produced by Amy Sherman-Palladino, whose credits include CBS’ “The Good Wife” and the NBC hit “Chicago Fire.”

The show, which premiered in 2016, is produced by the Emmy-winning executive producer Amy Sherman Palladinos, and is produced for Syfy by Warner Bros. Television.

The full-length series is set to premiere sometime in 2018.

It will air for 10 episodes.