Google launches its next wave of cloud computing in Korea

By Laura A. Seaman, TechCrunch editorKorea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has announced the launch of a cloud computing project that aims to provide healthcare professionals and government agencies with a single, centralised, and accessible resource for data and analytics.

Google’s ganaderma lucidus cloud, launched last week, is a free, open source platform that offers data scientists the tools to analyze their own datasets and provide access to their data for researchers.

It also offers a variety of other cloud-based services including collaboration tools and access to the Google Analytics platform.

Google says it is launching the ganodramas cloud service in conjunction with the Korean Medical Science Institute (KMSI), the government’s biomedical research institute.

It will use the same APIs that Google provides for the Korean national library.

The ganadellas platform, which aims to help researchers and healthcare professionals understand how data can be collected and stored in the cloud, will be available to healthcare professionals from August, when Google is due to launch its cloud services in the country.

It has already begun a pilot program to use it in hospitals, universities, and other institutions.

According to the announcement, ganadramas will be managed by the Korea University of Science and Industry’s research and development center, and will be a collaborative platform that will allow researchers and researchers’ departments to collaborate and exchange data.

The platform will be open to anyone with a valid degree in medical science or a medical degree or diploma from a university or other accredited institution.

It is also expected to offer more than one cloud service.

The project is being run by the Korean University of Finance and Economics (KUFED), a private research institute in Seoul.

The company is the country’s biggest private research institution, with a turnover of $30 billion.